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Join the cashverse and enjoy multiple passive income streams together with inhouse-made cryto tools and services to stay up2date

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The potential of the Cashverse

Our usecases.

Stake ADACash and earn 3 Token while staking

  • Stake ADACash
  • Earn SOLCash
  • Earn Cardano
  • Earn SOLANA
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  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Up2date News
  • Crypto Tools
  • Marketing Services
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Receive Signals on up to 5 Chains with our Telegram Bot

  • 5 Chains supported
  • In-House security checks
  • Profit Messages
  • Live Statistics
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Passive income

multipe streams,
one project

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Just hold at least one of our Tokens in your wallet and you will be rewarded with the reflection token of it automatically.

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Crypt2Date offers the perfect crypto hub to keep you up to date on every chain. Earnings result in buybacks and revshares.

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Stake your ADACash Tokens and earn ADA , SOLCash and SOLANA. 3 Coins for staking one. That's what we deliver.

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Hold ADACash in your wallet for passive cardano rewards. Totally automatic! Claim your rewards at any time from dashboard!

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Hold SOLCash in your wallet for passive solana rewards. Totally automatic! Claim your rewards at any time from dashboard!

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Put money into our community treasury wallet, and earn passive income while our tradingbot is hunting for profits.

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How it works

Buy & Hold

In this current market there are a lot of scams, rug pulls and other dishonest coins, we strive to be transparent and put forth a project with integrity and utility. We use our experience across multiple markets and our knowledge of a variety of products to provide the best cryptocurrency research and trading information. We have created multiple safe, long term investment tokens, not pump and dump projects. We want to create a community and a real utility token for a better future. As some have said these are the only coins where you embrace the dip for more rewards.So far we are the leading the movement for financial freedom.

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Build a future

with passive income

10% of our daily trading volume is distributed to our holders, depending on their shares. Completely automatically. (Depends on trading volume. If volume is low, it can take longer, but you always get your rewards or you can claim them manually every 60 minutes on our Dashboard)

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Your Profit With CASHVERSE

The Cashverse will always invent new ways to provide passive income streams in safe and secure coins. All you have to do is hold and enjoy the up and downs. Yes, you earn while the market is going up AND down. The important thing here is the daily trading volume and not the price or Market Cap. The more volume we have the more rewards earned. You can not lose here.

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Stake your token

Stake 1 get 3

Unlike when you simply hold ADAcash you need at least 200m tokens to earn rewards, there is no minimum for staking. Put whatever amount you want into the staking pool (up to 200 billion) and start earning 3 Tokens. Also, there is NO TAX to enter or to leave staking. (You don’t have to pay the 15% Tokenomics) and there is no lock time. Enter and leave whenever you want to.

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Collaboration and Partners

Great connections for
every usecase


Get Started with Signals

Our awesome Telegram Signal Bot

Receive signals from filtered, security-checked, hyping Token on up to 5 chains.
You can personalize a lot of settings, from gamble-signals to as secure as possible.

Signalbot Crypt2date

Join our Telegram Community now

Meet hundreds of our community members now and ask all your questions.

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