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Multiple Passive Income Streams

Our revolutionary new token earn you reflections just for holding. On each transaction 10% is distributed between all holders every 60 minutes, depending on the 24HR daily trading volume.

Total Reflections paid to our Holders so far (ADA & SOL)



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In this current market there are a lot of scams, rug pulls and other dishonest coins, we strive to be transparent and put forth a project with integrity and utility. We use our experience across multiple markets and our knowledge of a variety of products to provide the best cryptocurrency research and trading information. We have created multiple safe, long term investment tokens, not pump and dump projects. We want to create a community and a real utility token for a better future. As some have said these are the only coins where you embrace the dip for more rewards.So far we are the leading the movement for financial freedom.

  • Over 17,000 Holders already

  • Multiple Partnerships & Sponsorings

  • Many usecases delivered and more coming

PitchDeck Cashverse LLC
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We Translate Your Future Dream Into Reality

10% of our daily trading volume is distributed to our holders, depending on their shares. Completely automatically. (Depends on trading volume. If volume is low, it can take longer, but you always get your rewards or you can claim them manually every 60 minutes on our Dashboard)


Earn while holding! It's that easy.

Great Team

Always working... Always delivering

More than a Bank

We pay more than your local bank


Security is always Priority #1

Our Tokens

Multiple income Streams

We are always making sure to deliver you multiple ways to generate passive income. From just holding to staking or playing a NFT Game. We have it all.


Just hold at least one of our Tokens in your wallet and you will be rewarded with the reflection token of it automatically.


Play our NFT Game Cashemon (currently in Development) or sell / rent them. There are plenty more features ingame to earn money.


Stake your ADACash Tokens and earn ADA , SOLCash and SOLANA. 3 Coins for staking one. That's what we deliver.

Our Token


On each transaction 10% is distributed between all holders as ADA (BEP20) every 60 minutes, depending on daily volume.

Token Details

Launched October 18, 2021
Total Supply 100,000,000,000,000
Token Blockchain Binance Smartchain
Current Marketcap $ 0
Current Price








The only real contract:
Our Token


On each transaction 10% is distributed between all holders as SOL (BEP20) every 60 minutes, depending on daily volume.

Token Details

Launched December 12, 2021
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Token Blockchain Binance Smartchain
Current Marketcap $
Current Price








The only real contract:
Our Token


On each buy & sell 8% tax is collected to buy ADACash and SOLCash to put it into the lottery.

Token Details

Launched October 28, 2022
Total Supply 10,000,000
Token Blockchain Binance Smartchain
Current Marketcap $
Current Price




Lottery PrizePool


The only real contract:

Your Profit With CASHVERSE

The CASHVerse will always invent new ways to provide passive income streams in safe and secure coins. All you have to do is hold and enjoy the up and downs. Yes, you earn while the market is going up AND down. The important thing here is the daily trading volume and not the price or Market Cap. The more volume we have the more rewards earned. You can not lose here.

Our Tokens
Road Map

CASHVerse Road Map

To ensure great use cases and profitable dividends for passive income we are always working on new things.

  • Q1 2022

    Staking & Branding

    ✅ Staking ADACash - Built from the ground up, revolutionary new staking platform to allow for the most beneficial rewards for our holders. Staking ADACash to yield SOLCash whilst still earning ADA and in turn SOL. The best staking solution in the BSC space!

    ✅ Cashemons Part 1 – The initial offering of our NFT game, further details will be shared.

    ✅ Cashverse LLC.

    ✅ Cashverse brand created combining ADACash, SOLCash, Cashemon and staking.

    ✅ Website Migration – ADACash/SOLCash websites will be combined under the 'Cashverse' banner.

    ✅ Development Process of Crypt2date - DEFI Application for Investors

    ✅ Cashverse merchandise site developed.

    ✅ Advertising with multiple influencers as well as partnerships with youtubers.

  • Q2 2022

    The Gaming begins

    ✅ Implementation of dedicated ADA Nodes for staking ADA. (deprecated)

    ✅ Further Cashverse Merchandise for sale.

    ✅ Advertising with multiple influencers and partnerships with other staking. tokens.

  • Focus Crypt2Date


    ✅ Development Process

    Open for Beta-Testing


    Launch and Marketing

  • Focus Cashemon


    ✅ Release Part1 - The Egg Game

    Change from centralized to decentralized

    NFT Staking

    Implementing Quests for Training and Leveling

    Development of the maingame

    Release Part2 - Cashemon the Full Game


Meet Our Team

Our Diverse Team consists of a multitude of strength that are critical to the success of this project

Daniel (Hydra)
Zach Horn (Juc3d)
VP & Marketing Manager
Sandro (Belial)
Design & Videoanimation
Brian (The Irish King)
RL Marketing
Derek (The dinosaur)
RL Marketing
Reddit Manager
SocialMedia Manager
DadBod Veteran
Community/AMA Manager
Cashemon Designer
Cashemon Unity Game Developer
Dustin Sane
German Community/AMA Manager

Stake 1 get 3

We have one of the best staking-platforms on the BSC. Stake ADACash and earn SOLCash, Cardano (BEP20) & Solana (BEP20) at the same time.

Unlike when you simply hold ADAcash you need at least 200m tokens to earn rewards, there is no minimum for staking. Put whatever amount you want into the staking pool (up to 200 billion) and start earning 3 Tokens. Also, there is NO TAX to enter or to leave staking. (You don’t have to pay the 15% Tokenomics) and there is no lock time. Enter and leave whenever you want to.

The SlotBot

Play 4 Free, & win

The first big USECASE of the CashVerse is fully live and running! The SlotBot

As a player you have the opportunity to participate in great tournaments completely free of charge. Secure your daily freespins. Or would you like to have your own slot for your project? No problem, with a few simple clicks and inputs you can create your very own slot in seconds!



Expand your knowledge with the help of Caida. Affordable for everyone.

Do you need unique images generated according to your wishes? No problem! Thanks to AI technology, this is no longer a problem. CAIDA will help you in just a few moments.


Collect, Hatch, Play2Earn

Cashemon is a unique project built around the Binance blockchain. It is a Metaverse where fantasy creatures can breed, battle, earn rewards in area style battles, and much more. Each investor will be able to buy, sell, and even trade their Cashemon.

Partners & Listed on



Stay Up2Date with your investments (soon)

One golden rule in crypto is DYOR (Do Your Own Research). Checking tons of social media, websites, Telegram groups and more can be annoying…Crypt2Date is here to solve this problem.

Track your portfolio on multiple Blockchains, get access to all the latest news about your investments in one place. Use our security features to stay safe and get informed if something happens, and much more. Crypt2Date is your one stop shop for everything!

Dev Teams are able to verify their token, reach out to their holders and book ads, and more.


Weekly Lottery

Every week you can win some ADACash or SOLCash. Just buy a ticket for 15$ in FortuneCash and you are in.

The prize pools are filled by every buy/sell of FortuneCash, Egg-Buy from the NFT Game, every purchase of credits on crypt2date, and by us randomly. The winner gets it all!


Gamble with FortuneCash

At CashCasino you can play home made slots with your FortuneCash and try your luck. More and more games will be added in the future. If you have a problem with gambling, we ask you to simply ignore our casino.


General Asked Questions

All the answers for the most important Questions

The automatic payments are triggered as soon as the Dividend-Tracker collected enough Rewards. If you dont want to wait for your rewards just go to , click on "Rewards" and select the token you want your rewards from, connect your wallet and you can claim your rewards every 60 minutes manually. Claiming your rewards manually will cost you gas fees.

Pancakeswap allows you to swap tokens on the DEFI. A good tutorial how to use Pancakeswap can be found here:

Not directly. You may use an exchange like Binance to buy BNB with your creditcard. The BNB can be used to buy tokens on Pancakeswap. Be sure you are using the Pegged Version (BNB Bep20). A video about the difference between BNB Bep2 and BNB BEP20 can be found here:

A tutorial on how to swap to bnb bep20 can be found here:

If you just hold ADACash in your wallet without staking them, you need at least 200M Coins to receive reflections. But in order to receive reflections while staking, there is no minimum amount.

Yes on every buy and sell you are taxed with 15%. So if you buy 1000$ worth of ADACash you will get 850$ worth of ADACash

Slippage is currently between 18-20%.

To see how many ADA you have already earned, just add the official ADA (BEP 20) Contract (0x3ee2200efb3400fabb9aacf31297cbdd1d435d47) to your wallet.

The only official ADACash contract is: 0x651a89fed302227d41425235f8e934502fb94c48

There is no minimum to hold in order to get SOLANA Rewards.

Yes on every buy and sell you are taxed with 15%. So if you buy 1000$ worth of SOLCash you will get 850$ worth of SOLCash

Slippage is currently between 18-20%.

To see how many SOL you have already earned, just add the official SOL (BEP 20) Contract (0x570a5d26f7765ecb712c0924e4de545b89fd43df) to your wallet.

The only official SOLCash contract is: 0x7B86f5ca09Dc00502E342b0FeF5117E1c32222Ce

Marketcap = Total Supply Tokens - Burned Tokens * Price of 1 token

Total Supply = 1,000,000
Burned Tokens = 100,000
Price of 1 Token = 1$
Marketcap = 900,000 * 1 = 900,000 $

Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed. Slippage can occur at any time but is most prevalent during periods of higher volatility when market orders are used. It can also occur when a large order is executed but there isn't enough volume at the chosen price to maintain the current bid/ask spread.

The total supply refers to the entire quantity of cryptocurrency that has previously been produced, mined, or issued as of the time of writing. The total supply comprises coins that have been pre-mined, coins that have been locked, and coins that have been lost. However, it does not contain coins that have been burned
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