Aksed Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers from partners and 3D artist

Please check this FAQ first before contacting us.

01. Is opening of the boxes free?

In general yes, but dont forget that there is a gasfee to pay, wich is done by the network. (In this case BSC). But that should just be some cents.

02. How many lootboxes can i open?

Always one after the other. Please wait until your box is open before opening the next one.

03. Do i see what's in the box?

Yes, after you open your box, it will list exactly what was in it.

04. How can i access the things after i got them?

To do this, simply add the contracts to your wallet and they should be displayed to you. If you have any problems, I'm sure there is someone in your communities willing to explain everything to you.

05. Can i sell my lootboxes?

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06. What is the best way to collect NFT?

Yes of course, if you have an unopened Lootbox you can sell it on opensea or any ERC1155 supporting NFT marketplace. Click here to go to the a href="https://opensea.io/collection/cashverse-crypto-lootbox-generator" target="_blank">opensea collection.