Generate your Gift-Box

In just some easy steps you can generate your own gift-box and sell it on a ERC-1155 supported marketplace or just privately. You can fill your gift-box with, ERC20 Tokens, ERC-721 NFTs, and ERC-1155 NFTs.

This Gift-box generator is operating on the BSC Network


The boxes are completly randomly put together. Tell us how many items should be in a GiftBox and how many boxes you want to generate. The generator will try to make as much boxes as you wish, if it should not be able to do all the boxes, it will automatically refund the difference to the wallet you get the boxes sent to, if you are not using the royaltie-option.


If you accept 5% royaltie (only available if you are using at least 10 NFTs in your box), the generation is free, but we will earn 5% of each sell of the NFTs in your Gift-Box. Otherwise just pay 0.05 BNB per box and we will disable the royaltie-fee for your package. If you are just putting ERC20 Tokens in your Box, the only payment option will be 0.05 BNB per box;



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